Day Ninety Three - Juice

Anyone who really knows me is aware that I am a big fan of juice. That is why I am always keeping a close watch on juice products. I thought that the juice companies had thought of ever variety when it came to Orange Juice, but boy was I wrong, just check out what's coming to a grocery store near you!


Day Ninety Two - Fishy

Get out of my ocean, Bub.


Day Ninety - Over

The video is over - details to follow.


Day Eighty Nine - Non-entry

Too busy to blog :-(
Shooting music video for THE OWLS
this weekend. Trying to make it look like NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (see pic above). I'll let you know how it turns out.
More soon - Walk in peace.


Day Eighty Six - Owww..that's a cut.

Shot a very early and very quick video for film maker and artist Wyatt McDill this morning. We only got hasseled by the cops twice for being on The Great Northern Railroad's property.

Aaron, the actor standing, accidentally beamed a rock at my chest while I was video-taping. It made a loud "THUD" sound, I looked down and said, Ow". He was suppose to be throwing rocks in another direction but lost control of one. It came about 6 inches from taking out the camera lens.

We had to shoot fast because the 2nd cop only gave us 20 minutes to finish up.


Day Eighty Four - Good Advice

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you...while driving on the exit ramp of 94 and Wabasha.


Day Eighty Three - Video Weekend

Worked on a video for
Tapes N' Tapes. this past weekend. Nice guys. Here are a few snaps, but none to give away the big ending.


Day Eighty One - Death Goes On

Day Eighty - Only Static

As I walked by the hiss and static noise level was almost blinding. I wondered if my ears would be able to withstand any noise other than the electronic silence if someone where doing their job properly. Perhaps they ran out for a quick round of Mini Donuts, or perhaps they had just suffered a massive heart attack during the 12th playing of the day of Buddy Holly's, "Everyday". Those questions went unanswered as I continued to quickly walk by for fear of sudden ear-drum trauma.


Day Seventy Nine - Works like a Wrangler. Looks like a "Dude"

My friend Darin just found a nice 1971 Dodge truck.

In doing some research about the model, called the Sweptline, I found out something funny. It seems that Barney himself (Don Knotts - One of the most underrated comedians of the past decade) was a spokes-person for Dodge. he was selling a truck that was called, "The Dude'.

Pretty funny, check this out!


Day Seventy Seven - Why is Hoover in my room?

Yes, that is J. Edgar Hoover, and yes the original, signed print, is sitting here besides me now. Why? That's a good question with explanation to follow so check back.

Ok - I've held the truth long enough. Hoover is in my room because my Mom lived in a house that a former owner, who was in the FBI, was awarded by Hoover and some photos were left behind.


Day Seventy Six - Little Green Men

Carolyn and I spent some time last night painting this for Carl, our nephew. He is 2.5 and obsessed with Willy Wonka, the 1971 version of course, I mean he may be young but the kids got good taste.