Day Seventy Four - Awarded

So the 48 Hour Film Fest Awards took place a few nights ago. Check a few posts back to learn more. The project that I was involved in took a few small awards. Let's see...we got Audience Award, Best Use of Dialogue, Best Cinematography, and well....BEST PICTURE OF MINNEAPOLIS!


Day Seventy Three - Gone

West St.Paul, it came down with a dense "thud" sound, abruptly hitting the pavement to no longer be the safety hazard that is was for so long.

Hours later, after putting it on the street with a sign that read, "free", it was taken to a place of unknown origin.


Day Seventy Two - One Ratchet Strap

Wow, now that's an impressive load! I drove by this the other day and was amazed.


Day Seventy One - Eyeball Husler

Look what some guy showed me yesterday while I was talking on the phone.


Day Seventy - Marks

So today I worked at the Midway Stadium, home of the St.Paul Saints Baseball team. It was a commercial for a insurance company.

The funny thing is that I worked at this same stadium over 14 months ago on a feature that will go un-named. Near the men's bathroom are some tape marks that were left from that feature over a year ago! That is pretty amazing considering the thousands of people who file in and out of there in a year's time.

For those who do not know, tape marks are often put down so that the actors will know where to stand in a shot. Here they are - More pics to follow of this very hot day.


Day Sixty Eight - Nice Work

Classy lawn display, timeless design, year-round appeal.


Day Sixty Seven - BUDDHIST at hand

Imagine my surprise when I came across these buildings south of the cities in what turned out to be the town of Hampton, among farm fields, pick-up trucks, and dirt roads.

Seems like there are still working on the bigger of the two buildings, but things like this always make me wonder what people hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago would have thought if they then had a brief vision of the future, perhaps a psychic vision of sorts. There they are, hiking thru nothing but woods for days. They wake up one morning, and in the half-sleep of early morning witness the bright golden light reflecting off the top of this temple. They then shake their head and rub their eyes, and when they look back they see nothing but trees, once again.


The odd thing is that this place is maybe a half a mile from another picture that I posted on 6/9 and there is little to nothing else in the whole area for miles.


Day Sixty Six - Blahhhh

Sometimes I feel like that guy.


Day Sixty Four/Five - LINK/Again with the Spies

Here it is!
The link to our film:

Dangerous Proximity

The film does have some "R" rated language and I believe you must have Quicktime 7 to view it.

Rich Kronfeld and Joe Martin

Well, I just got back from the 48 Hour Film Showing. Our Spy video went over quite well. As soon as the judging is complete and the best of the show showing is over I will post the video. For now, these stills get a little deeper into the heart a CENTRAL SERVICES production.


Day Sixty Three - JT's

Here is a picture that I took a few years ago, 7x17 style. I'm not so much showing it for the picture itself but for the location.
Anyone who knows West St.Paul knows JT's Hamburgers. It was there before all the junk that surrounds it now. It was there when little but farm fields surrounded it. It has seen South Roberts Street grow and become like every other bleak strip in America that has little to no charm left.

Well, I was by there the other day (it's almost all meat, except for the best malts in town!) and noticed an interesting sign in the window. Take a look:

Does that really say "New salad with a free milkshake"? Do you think that anyone that comes to a Hamburger stand says, "Oh, maybe I should try the salad, and get a free milkshake."?


Day Sixty Two - Spies Like Us

TV's Dashing Rich Kronfeld as the Lead

Actor, Grip, PA , and all around Drug Dealer Guy Mark Abney

Well, it's all over. The 48 film was turned in 15 minutes before the deadline. Our category was SPY MOVIE. I shot it, Todd Cobery Directed, Joe Martin Produced, Jolynn Garns and Scott Wenner on post production, and many others who will be credited soon.

I don't want to give anything away until after the showing this Wednesday evening, but here are a few top secret stills from the video. Needless to say it is a fast and mind-numbingly excellent piece of entertainment! Come to The Riverview Theater at 7pm and check it out A CENTRAL SERVICES PRODUCTION, as well as some other videos that might be almost as good as ours...maybe.


Day Sixty One - 48hr Film

Well, today I shoot for the 48 Hour Flm Project. Unlike another group in town my team has only its' wits to rely on, not a camera-crane truck, 2 producers, an out of town director, and 3 high-end cameras.

Oh boy, we're in trouble.




Day Fifty Eight - Deep in the Woods

One of the strangest things that happened to me while I was out of town took place deep in the woods.
I was walking in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I suddenly came upon a slight clearing where the air all around me seemed to freeze. There was nothing but silence, in the trees, no birds or even the swaying of trees. Even the breeze, which had been blowing before, had come to a standstill. The temperature had been in the 80's and all the sudden I was deathly cold.
Needless to say, I didn't want to hang around. I snapped a few photos and took off in the direction that I had come as fast as I could.
At the time I didn't see anything odd, but later when I developed the film this apparition appeared.


Day Fifty Seven - Bad Blogger, So Sad

I have been a bad blogger. Away for one week and I've posted nothing. Oh well, the 2 of you that look at this every week or so, sorry.
On the other hand - watch out for more to come!