216 - WebPics

I recently shot some stills for a company called PRODUCTIVE. Above is a pic from those, of Louie, who works there.
I made myself use all small speedlights, or flashes. I am used to hot lights (as in movie lights) but am trying to do more with my smaller strobes. Anybody want to buy my larger studio strobes?
Most of my images are being used for the banners at the top of the page. Warning, there are a few shots on the site which are not mine.


215- Kid D.

Kid D, himself.

A while ago, about a month or two now, I shot a music video for Kid Dakota. I wanted to post some pictures and was hoping that post would be done by now. It is not, but here they are anyways. Also, if you want to see the video before it is color corrected, timed and maybe without a few more effects, checkout;