141 - Decomposing Bathroom

What have I been up to, since the lack of entries point to no clues?


140 - Blue Screen

Here, have another screen saver.


139 - Choices

Hmmmm... I wonder what fabric I will get to make that dress for the co-working whom I can't stand? (HINT: click on photo to see closer view of the choices)


135 - Seen it

I know you've all seen this type of picture before, but when I saw it happen in my living room I couldn't believe it.
Oh ya, I haven't had a tv for years. I still think that they are a general waste of time/and of your mind but I got this one (cheap) just to watch DVD's from time to time.


134 - Houses

How odd to see your home from the sky. Check if yours is here at either Zillow or at Goole Maps.