150 - More clues found

I was further busting into my bathroom wall today (remodel in progress) and I came across this small tag.



141 - Decomposing Bathroom

What have I been up to, since the lack of entries point to no clues?


140 - Blue Screen

Here, have another screen saver.


139 - Choices

Hmmmm... I wonder what fabric I will get to make that dress for the co-working whom I can't stand? (HINT: click on photo to see closer view of the choices)


135 - Seen it

I know you've all seen this type of picture before, but when I saw it happen in my living room I couldn't believe it.
Oh ya, I haven't had a tv for years. I still think that they are a general waste of time/and of your mind but I got this one (cheap) just to watch DVD's from time to time.


134 - Houses

How odd to see your home from the sky. Check if yours is here at either Zillow or at Goole Maps.


131 - New Gaps

Two new GAP stores were just announced!


130 - ALERT!

Spotted in Northern Minnesota.



126 - Yikes

Ben just might perhaps be the scariest Production Assistant in the Twin Cities, and his dog too.

Well, maybe he's not after all:


125 - Crazy Bus

I saw this while downtown this morning. Kinda wanted to get on it to see just where it would take me.


124 - Meddlers

The other night I started pulling this chair apart in order to reupholster it and the two kitties were suddenly attracted to it. I think they like the "old" odor that it reeks of.

Then Astrid started climbing in the basement ceiling. Thrilling story, no?


123 - Lava Links

Here are three photos from Lava Links. It is a sad, dirty, indoor mini-golf and entertainment center. The first two photos should be screen saver size for your computers visual pleasure.


122 - Facts

Facts are often found in the oddest of places.


121 - Coil

Wow, you can find anything on Craigslist! Somebody quick, buy this for me so I can scare kids away at Halloween!


119 - News Flash!

Tues, West St.Paul, MN.

Resident Carolyn Swiszcz was nearly crushed by a CROCANTHOSAURUS, or High-Spined Lizard, today in a park by her home. Scientists believe that this herd of 10-14 ,thought to be extinct, dinosaurs were simply hibernating all these years inside the St.Paul bluffs.

Most are fierce predators that are roughly 30-40 feet (9-12 m) long and weigh about 5,000 pounds (2300 kg). They have a big heads, with a 4.5 foot (1.4 m) long skull and 68 thin, sharp, frightening, serrated teeth, and 17-inch (43 cm) spikes extending from their vertebrae, along the neck and tail, that have formed a thick, yucky, fleshy sail on its back. They have powerful arms, and each hand has three tiny fingers, equipped with long, 12 foot long sickle-like claws that like to scratch and poke.

Experts agree that had this one beast, which was present in the above photo. had extended its foot further in the direction of Mrs.Swiszcz's person she would certainly not be alive right now but would instead be the size and shape of a rather thin manhole cover.


118 - Let Down

Movie magic relieved or check out my new invention to feed the masses.


115 - Play Ball

Guess who's on the team?