189 - Truth about Todd

Many people that we work with wonder about Todd C's darkside. It has been a mystery to us all for years. Well, last night that mystery came a step closer to being solved. I was in a place that I cannot give details of, for if they find out I don't want to even think about what may happen. Let these pictures speak of my discoveries and of my hope that soon, the entire truth will be able to be told at long last.

I believe that the implications of this discovery will have a hugh ripple effect among the Twin Cites film community.


188 - Crazy Van

So - Over the last few years I have bought a lot of film/video gear. I have used most of it on many jobs, each time loading up the pickup truck and unloading it when the job is done. That is getting old, and it is time to upgrade to a small van. Here is my dilemma. Do I go 100% practical and professional (ie:boring) van, or do I have fun in the process and risk the professionalism? If the answer is the latter, then I have found the van for me. It will have to be altered, but wow, take a look:

A 1977 Dodge Tradesman with too many crazy added features to mention them all. Some of them would have to be altered or removed for this van to serve me, but others may not. Besides the crazy added lighting (hey, I am into lighting) there is a sound system that is almost twice the safe level for human ears. I never have liked a car pulling along side me with a loud system, but if I bought this I could blast some polka music, or something equally as nuts, back at those people!

If that's not enough - look at this crazy VIDEO of the van.
Ya, probably too much, huh?