119 - News Flash!

Tues, West St.Paul, MN.

Resident Carolyn Swiszcz was nearly crushed by a CROCANTHOSAURUS, or High-Spined Lizard, today in a park by her home. Scientists believe that this herd of 10-14 ,thought to be extinct, dinosaurs were simply hibernating all these years inside the St.Paul bluffs.

Most are fierce predators that are roughly 30-40 feet (9-12 m) long and weigh about 5,000 pounds (2300 kg). They have a big heads, with a 4.5 foot (1.4 m) long skull and 68 thin, sharp, frightening, serrated teeth, and 17-inch (43 cm) spikes extending from their vertebrae, along the neck and tail, that have formed a thick, yucky, fleshy sail on its back. They have powerful arms, and each hand has three tiny fingers, equipped with long, 12 foot long sickle-like claws that like to scratch and poke.

Experts agree that had this one beast, which was present in the above photo. had extended its foot further in the direction of Mrs.Swiszcz's person she would certainly not be alive right now but would instead be the size and shape of a rather thin manhole cover.


118 - Let Down

Movie magic relieved or check out my new invention to feed the masses.


115 - Play Ball

Guess who's on the team?


114 - The Man

As you may know from 6 blog entries ago, Carolyn recently went to NYC. Here is a pic that she took for me.


113 - Silver

112 - What can I do?

Oh my, I feel so bad that I haven't posted for a few days. What can I do to make it up to you, all three of you that look at this from time to time? I know...I will give you some screen savers. If I do this correctly they will be just the right size to use on your computer. Just click on the image that you like, then download, and throw on your screen. If I do it wrong, then sorry.

No need to thank me, just enjoy.


110 - More Ants

Ants have been gathering outside my back door, at night. They are up to something.

109 - C. in NYC

Carolyn is in NYC.
Her show openings today at M.Y. Art Prospects.
She called me yesterday morning and wanted to know where the corner is that was named for Nikola Tesla (named so because he hung out there, with the pigeons, for the last 10 years of his life).

So after I gave her the address, she asked me to look up and see if she was close to any webcams. Sure enough, she minutes away from one at Bryant Park. So she sat down while we talked until the camera refreshed to show her there, orange pants and all.
Here she was:


108 - Wiener

Now appearing on my basement wall:


105 - Ya, I'm back

Yesterday I came across two interesting people who live on the same dead-end block.

First there was an older man, mowing his lawn. It looked as though his lawn had not been watered for years, and that is was working its way back into the dust that it once was. It was very brown, and it was very dead, yet this man still felt the need to run the mower over it. Dust and dirt flew out constantly from under his mower as he went back and forth over his once living lawn.

On the other side on the street, about four houses away, was quite a different story. Her house was at the end of the street, tucked away behind a canopy of overgrown bushes and trees. Her lawn was mostly in shade and grew thick and high. It was as if she was going for the neighborhood record to see who could have the most untamed yard and I think she would certainly win.

The owner, a woman in her 60's, has spent almost her whole life in her house. Her parents have passed, and after a crippling run-in with heavy drugs during college, she returned to reside in the house, now rarely leaving it. Besides a single light being on in the dead of night, no other signs of life are apparent from outsiders. Nothing changes except that the trees get bigger, the grass longer.

Both live in on the same block, yet both are in different universes.