259 - Serious Clips

A Serious Man has just had its world premiere, so the reviews are starting to roll in, along with more of the photos that I took. Check out some newly released clips.


156 - Paul @ Studio

Much to everyone's surprise, an image from the current film I am shooting (last day is tomorrow!) called PAUL, was posted on Stage 41 at Universal studios, right where the studio tour drives by.

255 - Serious Poster

My first movie poster image.


250 - Odd Vacation

A couple of friends emailed me some vacation pics from Maui. Seems like an odd vacation, but whatever floats your boat.

Good luck on the rest of the trip Steve and Sarah!


249 - Today (5.11.09) and 78 years ago

William Thompson 1931-32 @ Thomas Inc. Studios in Culver City (Now Culver City Studios)
My great-uncle? Is that a real term?


238 - Daughter in a basket

237 - Mpls/St.Paul Mag

A photo that I took from The Coen film, A SERIOUS MAN, was printed in MPLS ST PAUL Magazine in the March 2009 Edition. If you have a magnifying glass, you can even read my credit!


236 - Bird News

Seems that with the release of Andrew Bird's new cd, NOBLE BEAST we are seeing some of the footage that I was the DP on. It was a multi camera shoot from last year. More details on this past post.

Look Here, on ABC

Then Here, on Beta Current

And to hear an entire Bird show Look, and listen, here.