232 - What if I was an old lady?

While working last week, I let someone (I won't name any names) park my equipment van while I was shooting. When he picked up the van to wrap it later, the following note was affixed to the windshield...


231 - Ruby Isle

Last week I took a few pics for the party band of the apocalypse, Ruby Isle.
Their cd is coming out soon, as well as a short tour for the group.

I have been thinking about starting another blog about lighting, but perhaps I will just use this one. If I do decide to do that, I'll expand on the details of these photos in the near future. For now, just enjoy these photos!


227 - JigSaw

A few photos from a JOY of Cooking spot that I shot for Jigsaw Pictures.

226 - DoomTree

Here are a few quick shots from a music video that I shot last week for DoomTree. It was directed by Brady@thekiernangroup.

Camera, Jib, Light and Remote Head ready to go on this Rangermoblie.

Dessa, right before a silk flys over her head in order to soften the sunlight on her face.

POS steps in.

Bikes are everywhere in this video.


225 - High in the Sky

Here's a pic that I took while riding a window washer type thingy up 35 stories or so while Gaffing a job recently in downtown St.Paul.


224 - Direction

A few weeks ago I shot and directed a spot, as well as lit and shot it. It was my first real directing job, and I think that it went well. The spot was for Prince and King Seafood and here are a few stills from that day. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to do more of it.

Mike Rylander

Amber Swenson

Simple lighting set-up. 5-6 lights total. Pic below of the finished shot.


223 - Target Ad

Here is the finished product from a composite shoot that shot about a month ago. Amazing work from Motion 504, as always!

222 - Bob on Board

Ok, let me explain the last posting and these new photos. I have been working on a child's TV Show called the Choo Choo Bob Show. It is the brainchild of Choo Choo Bob Medcraft, Joe Martin (of Splice Here!)
, and myself.
It all started with the spot that I shot for Bob's store back last November and has taken on a life of it's own with a lot of great people assisting us now.
It is a dream come true for Bob, and I am happy to be a part of it, acting as a low grade semi-producer, DP, Gaffer, and whatever else is needed.
If we are lucky enough to use the first few shows to secure some funding, then perhaps we can all wear a few less hats. As of now it will be shown locally on Channel 23.

Each show will consist of two 15 min segments. Each segment will start in the studio, go out to a location, and end up back in the studio. So the pictures in the last entry were taken a few weeks ago when we visited the St.Croix Railroad .

For the record, Darin Spring took the last 2 photos.

Bob himself, on set, making deals.

Rich Kronfeld and Sam Heyn fall thru the door.

Below: DP Dad and Daughter Day

Here is a time-lapse that I shot while the set was being built (designed and built by 3 Ring Scenic ) and then while we lit it.



220 - Lo-Fi Video

The first video was just finished as a commission for The Walker Art Center for a project they are connected to entitled, I Approve This Message. Carolyn and Mallman wrote the music, and I shot and edited it. They are taking video submissions, check it all out at The UnConvention.com.

The second video was a fun attempt at a contest for Lipton Ice Tea. They were giving away $25,000, which we didn't get. I understand, because all most all of the other videos were pretty simple. We had fun making it with the same crew as the first video.


219 - Seeing Red

The RED camera in all it's glory. I was the first to shoot with #13, from Cinequipt's rental package. Exciting...well, if you're a camera nerd. It was supplementarity images for a Target ad, being done by Motion 504.

Yes, it is nice. But it would also be great if they had the viewfinder and AC adapter for it ready. The fan was much louder than I expected and it seems odd to have all the ports exposed, but I am sure that those Red people have lots further plans. One other odd thing. If you don't use the RED batteries the camera will shut off without warning (except the monitor will turn off a minute or so before the camera will) and it is possible to lose clips.

Don't tell anyone that we ended the day by shooting lens flares. The chip was not overloaded by doing this, btw.


216 - WebPics

I recently shot some stills for a company called PRODUCTIVE. Above is a pic from those, of Louie, who works there.
I made myself use all small speedlights, or flashes. I am used to hot lights (as in movie lights) but am trying to do more with my smaller strobes. Anybody want to buy my larger studio strobes?
Most of my images are being used for the banners at the top of the page. Warning, there are a few shots on the site which are not mine.


215- Kid D.

Kid D, himself.

A while ago, about a month or two now, I shot a music video for Kid Dakota. I wanted to post some pictures and was hoping that post would be done by now. It is not, but here they are anyways. Also, if you want to see the video before it is color corrected, timed and maybe without a few more effects, checkout;


214 - It Has To Stop

So last friday I shoot this spot for a local production company. The guy in the middle of this photo is the director, Andy Awes. But this blog post isn't about the great job I did, or how amazing I am sure it will turn out, it is about what is happening in the background of the photo.

Do you see the guy in the brown shirt? His name is Ben Kruger, and he has a problem. You see Ben has a job to do, on this shoot day he was suppose to be a helping us get the shot that you can see everyone else is hard at work on, and what is he doing?

Well, Ben is addicted to skateboarding. It HAS TO STOP! Ben, it is affecting your family, your friends, and work!

After the shoot was over I tried to bring talk to Ben about his addition, but the guy is in another world, here was his response...
"Oh snap, you shoulda seen it Webb, I was doin' an ollie as high 3 feet, then I leveled off my feet, giving a nudge with the front foot on the board so it spins 180 degrees.. then I use a rad little scoop motion with the back foot to make it spin easier ya see..."

I just had to walk away. I don't even think he noticed that I was gone because he was still talking as I left. Sad.


212 - Can you beat my score?

Here is a quick, semi-fun game. See if you can beat my high score.


211 - Another Music Video

This weekend I shot a video for Kid Dakota. More on that soon. First, check out this write up from the CITY PAGES BLOG
about another music video that I shot earlier this summer for HIS MISCHIEF.

PS: No kids allowed


210 - Mallman New Years Show @ The Varsity

In full form.

Kat on the Bass.

No one has ever played the keyboard with a scooter before this night.