131 - New Gaps

Two new GAP stores were just announced!


130 - ALERT!

Spotted in Northern Minnesota.



126 - Yikes

Ben just might perhaps be the scariest Production Assistant in the Twin Cities, and his dog too.

Well, maybe he's not after all:


125 - Crazy Bus

I saw this while downtown this morning. Kinda wanted to get on it to see just where it would take me.


124 - Meddlers

The other night I started pulling this chair apart in order to reupholster it and the two kitties were suddenly attracted to it. I think they like the "old" odor that it reeks of.

Then Astrid started climbing in the basement ceiling. Thrilling story, no?


123 - Lava Links

Here are three photos from Lava Links. It is a sad, dirty, indoor mini-golf and entertainment center. The first two photos should be screen saver size for your computers visual pleasure.


122 - Facts

Facts are often found in the oddest of places.


121 - Coil

Wow, you can find anything on Craigslist! Somebody quick, buy this for me so I can scare kids away at Halloween!