174 - Amazing

Ok, so you are not going to believe this, but it is 100% true. I was looking at the Minneapolis Star and Tribune paper online, and came across this news-story. It is not just the story that is amazing, but the picture that is in the advertisement to the side, that was on the same page! Click to enlarge.

You can read the whole story here .
The picture must rotate, because when I checked back, it wasn't there. I swear, I DIDN'T MAKE IT UP!


172 - Star Tribune - Blurb about DWD

Taking in the trash

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez celebrate cheap exploitation flicks in their upcoming feature "Grindhouse" -- and what says cheap exploitation better than getting wannabe filmmakers to promote the movie with a contest for the best fake trailer? Hundreds rose to the bait, but "The Dead Won't Die," by local director Todd Cobery and producer Brady Kiernan, made the final three, which Rodriguez screened Sunday at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Their hilariously gruesome zombie short didn't win, but they did get passes to the film's L.A. premiere, plus a tour of Rodriguez' studios hosted by his wife/producer, Elizabeth Avellan. "That was the coolest," said Kiernan, who said animators showed how Rose McGowan's soon-to-be-famous prosthetic machine-gun leg was added digitally. "The Dead Won't Die" has gotten 20,000 views on YouTube (check it out at www.startribune.com/a2449 if you dare). Kiernan said he and Cobery are now raising money to turn it into a full-fledged feature.



171 - Grindhouse

Well, as of last week I have learned that the fake Grindhouse trailer, Dead Won't Die ,that I shot, is one of three chosen from hundreds to be shown at the SXSW film event, picked by and hosted by Robert Rodriguez . In fact, that event is happening right now, as I write this.

This morning, Todd C , Brady K., and Brian W. (director, producer, and sound man/grip) are being given a tour of Mr.Rodriguez's studio , Troublemaker Studios, as part of the award.
Lot's of local people worked on this in the cold, for no money, and they are all great, thank-you all! This is an honor to all your hard work.

Why didn't I go too? Good question. Here is another few stills from the making of DWD.

Sam - The Actor and Editor

Me - It was well below zero degrees

Mark Mallman - Actor and wrote the soundtrack