214 - It Has To Stop

So last friday I shoot this spot for a local production company. The guy in the middle of this photo is the director, Andy Awes. But this blog post isn't about the great job I did, or how amazing I am sure it will turn out, it is about what is happening in the background of the photo.

Do you see the guy in the brown shirt? His name is Ben Kruger, and he has a problem. You see Ben has a job to do, on this shoot day he was suppose to be a helping us get the shot that you can see everyone else is hard at work on, and what is he doing?

Well, Ben is addicted to skateboarding. It HAS TO STOP! Ben, it is affecting your family, your friends, and work!

After the shoot was over I tried to bring talk to Ben about his addition, but the guy is in another world, here was his response...
"Oh snap, you shoulda seen it Webb, I was doin' an ollie as high 3 feet, then I leveled off my feet, giving a nudge with the front foot on the board so it spins 180 degrees.. then I use a rad little scoop motion with the back foot to make it spin easier ya see..."

I just had to walk away. I don't even think he noticed that I was gone because he was still talking as I left. Sad.

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