219 - Seeing Red

The RED camera in all it's glory. I was the first to shoot with #13, from Cinequipt's rental package. Exciting...well, if you're a camera nerd. It was supplementarity images for a Target ad, being done by Motion 504.

Yes, it is nice. But it would also be great if they had the viewfinder and AC adapter for it ready. The fan was much louder than I expected and it seems odd to have all the ports exposed, but I am sure that those Red people have lots further plans. One other odd thing. If you don't use the RED batteries the camera will shut off without warning (except the monitor will turn off a minute or so before the camera will) and it is possible to lose clips.

Don't tell anyone that we ended the day by shooting lens flares. The chip was not overloaded by doing this, btw.

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