Day Sixty Three - JT's

Here is a picture that I took a few years ago, 7x17 style. I'm not so much showing it for the picture itself but for the location.
Anyone who knows West St.Paul knows JT's Hamburgers. It was there before all the junk that surrounds it now. It was there when little but farm fields surrounded it. It has seen South Roberts Street grow and become like every other bleak strip in America that has little to no charm left.

Well, I was by there the other day (it's almost all meat, except for the best malts in town!) and noticed an interesting sign in the window. Take a look:

Does that really say "New salad with a free milkshake"? Do you think that anyone that comes to a Hamburger stand says, "Oh, maybe I should try the salad, and get a free milkshake."?


ellie bee said...

I think it's that if you want a free milkshake, you can have a new salad -- otherwise you get an old one ... :-P

Princess said...

haha i know.. i worked there for a little bit.. and i wondered the same thing.. i thought it was POINTLESS but ya know.. its the new owners ideas haha. =]